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Top Reviews of 5G Male From Recent Buyers...

Dan P., Portland, OR

“I Feel Like I Have My Mojo Back”

March 05, 2018   |   Verified Purchase

Your stuff is awesome! I’m 62 and I’ve only been taking this for a week or two and I am already getting random erections throughout the day and they are staying hard for a long time too! Feels awesome. Ordering more today before it runs out.

Paul S., Phoenix, AZ

“Haven't Felt This Way Since High School”

March 03, 2018   |   Verified Purchase

This really works!! I started a week ago and WOW! Rock hard penis whenever I get in the mood. Even at work when I’m stressed out I sometimes get an erection. The percent of hardness increase HUGE! It’s amazing. I even get erections while driving from the vibrations on the seat. Last time I can remember this happening is when I was in high school. I was in doubt at first, but now I’d recommend this to any man.

Mike R., Gary, IN

“Wife Can't Figure Out Why Sex Got So Much Better”

February 27, 2018   |   Verified Purchase

Was at dinner w my wife and she asks: “so have you gotten bigger?” I haven’t told her yet what I’ve been taking, but it’s obviously working when your wife of 10+ years asks you if your penis is so hard now it looks like it has actually grown in size!

John M., Lubbock, TX

“Could Last In Bed... Then Was Ready For Round 2!”

February 22, 2018   |   Verified Purchase

I’ve been taking this for about 10 days. Last night, I come home and have great sex with my wife for 45 minutes – WAY longer than normal. Everything just works. It was awesome. Then I swear to God, I wake up about 4 hours later, with a boner that was so hard it actually felt borderline uncomfortable! I had to wake the wife up for round two and she loved it. I used to get these types of boners in 9th grade when girls would sit on my lap at parties. This stuff is crazy and it WORKS!

Brian K., Orlando, FL

“Waking Up With Hard Wood Again”

February 18, 2018   |   Verified Purchase

I’ve been taking this religiously for the past 2-3 weeks after a close friend recommended it to me. Today I woke up with the hardest erection I've had in months. By the time I got to work I was still hard! I also feel way more desire for sex. I am extremely happy and relieved about this.

Robert A., Charlotte, NC

“Girlfriend Says She's Never Felt So Turned On”

February 13, 2018   |   Verified Purchase

Been using 5G male for almost a month and am definitely having harder and more frequent erections, but the biggest thing is what my girlfriend tells me! She says I've never felt so hard inside her, that it’s such a turn on and… she’s having way better orgasms now! This is a great feeling. There is anything more important to a man than satisfying his woman.

Chris V., Los Angeles, CA

“Feeling So Unbelievably Relieved”

February 06, 2018   |   Verified Purchase

I found this product by a stroke of luck. I've been dealing with ED now for a few years and I have no idea what to do to help it besides maybe tadafil. I'm 58 years old, healthy, no heart issues or diseases and this has totally turned things around for me in bed. Honestly, as long as I’m taking this, I don't even have to think about "if" I'm going to get hard anymore!

Greg I., Boulder, CO

“Girlfriend Giving Me A Huge Ego Boost”

February 02, 2018   |   Verified Purchase

My girlfriend says (during sex) "You're so HARD!!! Stop moving for a moment... it's too much. And stop pulsing!" Hah. that made me laugh. She also commented while we were in the shower together and I was hard, she said (while grabbing it) "you're really hard you know". And that's what you call ego boost!

Here Are The Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get...

What Makes 5G Male So Much Better Than All of the Other “Natural” Options Out There?

5G Male uses third-party verification of its ingredients from its lab right here in the United States, which means no fillers, no illegal ingredients from China, and no dangerous ingredients like yohimbe or huge amounts of caffeine that will send your heart rate skyrocketing.

Sounds like I’m going to be a lot harder a lot more often...any risk of developing an all-day erection that doesn’t go away?

5G Male is designed to restore your penis to its natural, high-functioning state by increasing blood flow, which allows you to regain control over your erections and get hard when it’s natural.

Since this contains some pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, do I need to see my doctor before using it?

It’s ALWAYS a good idea to see your doctor before taking any supplement...but the ingredients in 5G Male are naturally extracted from food products, so they don’t require a prescription or standing in an embarrassing line at the pharmacy.

I know you say I only need to take one tiny pill per day...any restrictions on how I need to take it, like with a meal?

Nope, no restrictions--5G Male is designed to be taken whenever it’s convenient for YOU...all you need is a full glass of water and you’re good-to-go.

How long does it usually take for 5G Male to work? Are we talking days? Weeks? Months?

5G Male isn’t a cheap, gimmicky “quick fix”--it can take up to 2-4 weeks to start rebooting your system so that your blood flow to your penis is effortlessly increased...but in case it takes longer we provide a full 90-day “no questions asked” refund policy.

How will I know when 5G Male starts working? Will I notice any changes in my body?

The biggest change you’ll notice is that after a couple of weeks, it’ll be easier to get harder erections...and you’ll be able to “recharge” and go at it again with the woman you’re with a lot more quickly.

Will I see faster results if I take more 5G Male than recommended? Can I take too much 5G Male and overdose?

If you’re worried about this, definitely bring the bottle into your doctor and discuss it with him...but long story short, 5G Male is formulated with the exact amount of these ingredients your body can absorb in a day. If you take more than one pill per day, the excess will simply be “washed out” of your system, so it’s highly recommended that you stick to one pill per day.

I’m worried about ordering over the do I know you’re a solid operation?

5G Male is made in a GMP-certified lab right here in the United States, and the ingredients go through 5 separate quality-control checks before bottling. Not only that, but we have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and the owner of Supernatural Man has been doing business online for almost a decade...and makes your security a priority through measures like TrustE and Norton certifications, and 256-bit SSL Secure encryption, which is the absolute top-of-the-line method to protect your private information and data.

This all seems “too good to be true”...are there any hidden fees? Can I really cancel anytime I want?

Nope, no hidden fees, and cancellation is easy using the 24-hour phone number you’ll get your tracking number as soon as you order and you have a 90-day “no questions asked” money-back guarantee if you try it and decide that your new lifestyle is just “too much.”

Since the ingredients in 5G Male are just in 5 simple foods, can’t I just go to the store, get these ingredients, and cook with them?

You could, but you won’t know the right amounts of each ingredient you need, plus a lot of the ingredients (like garlic, ginko, and ginseng) don’t taste great when you eat them in the quantities that you need to in order to see a real difference in your sexual health.

Any other added benefits of 5G Male I should know about? Like how green tea can help with your heart?

Absolutely! Ginseng can help with your sperm quality and “load size”...ginko helps with your memory and concentration...compounds in garlic can help with blood pressure and cholesterol levels...and ginger can help with weight loss and energy levels. These are just a few of the side benefits to these ingredients proven with scientific studies at major journals and universities.

I already take medication...anything else this can conflict with?

If you’re already on medication, consult your doctor before taking 5G Male.

What are some of the benefits of 5G Male Plus over regular 5G Male?

5G Male Plus contains a high-quality vitamin-C extract in it, plus a pharmaceutical-grade garlic extract that is deodorized to prevent bad breath, and Rhodiola Rosea, which has been shown to boost sexual desire and dopamine levels in the brain by several researchers and studies.

What's the shelf life of 5G Male?

5G Male Plus is manufactured using the highest standards and quality of ingredients, and care is taken to make sure every bottle is good for at least 5 years on the shelf.

Is this product made in the US?

Yes! 5G Male Plus is proudly manufactured in the USA and follows all of the highest and most stringent standards of quality control and safety.

Many reviewers state that "this is the best male enhancement supplement", how can you tell that it is actually effective?

If you have any concerns or questions about how effective 5G Male Plus is that haven't been answered by all of the amazing success stories you've already heard, the only option is to get your hands on this super powerful solution and experience the rock hard erections and bottomless sexual stamina for yourself!

Is this product gluten or dairy free?

Yes, 5G Male Plus is free from both gluten and dairy.

Do you have to refrigerate this product?

No, 5G Male Plus is designed to stay fresh, potent, and effective without any sort of refrigeration.

Is there any aftertaste?

5G Male Plus is a pill, so there is no aftertaste whatsoever. If you take it with water, it will taste like water, if you take it with coffee it will taste like coffee.

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